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Commissioner Sylvia Alston Harassment of a Town Resident

Commissioner Sylvia Alston Harassment of a Town Resident with Serious Disability

As the authorized representative for Marlene Melvin  (Letter of Authorization on file with the Clerk/Finance Officer)  I filed a complaint on her behalf with the Town of Littleton's Town Clerk; that Commissioner Sylvia Alston has knowingly harassed and intimidated Marlene Melvin, a person with the severe disability of deafness for Years, before she was elected as Commissioner of the Town of Littleton's Board. Commissioner Sylvia Alston has continued throughout her tenure as a Commissioner representing the Town of Littleton.  The latest occurred Friday, October, 9th 2015.
I also sent the Town Clerk files that include photos, and information that I hope will be helpful in this embarrassing matter. We expect an Apology from the Board, and assurance  this will not happen again. In the absence of an apology, or if the harassment continues, I shall treat:  Commissioner Sylvia Alston as an elected official that gives citizens the right to make the public aware of any grievous errors made by any elected official. I will stop by and share with you almost a hundred documentation showing the additional harassment for years to Marlene Marvin's Husband, (Now Deceased, that was both Deaf, and Blind) that the Town Commissioners had him prosecuted:       

Barking Dogs Land North Carolina Resident In Prison
The News and Observer - Raleigh, North Carolina - December 13, 1997 - Written by Joseph Neff
An animal control ordinance violation sent a Littleton, North Carolina man to prison ... Melvin and his wife, Marlene, moved into their large frame house in 1989. ... His neighbor, Alton Parker, "said he'd like to find a way of keeping peace"
Jame Melvin was sentenced to 30 days in jail, and given a $500.00 fine for baking dogs and refusing to get rid of some of his dogs. " Court had postponed many times due unavailabilities of attorney, interpreter, problems with the case, different judges, appearing court on the docket many times when not called.  Wrong dates and mistakes. He was charged for barking dogs, Town ordinance. The town attorney was representing the town and wanted him to be charged for barking dogs. I think it took 5 years of appearing numerous times in court before trial."  
Marlene Melvin has had some challenging experiences in the Town of Littleton. Coincidentally Marlene Melvin had to wait almost three years for a permit to build a fence for her dogs.
I appreciated your considerations in this matter and trust your honesty and ability to resolve this matter. I was informed by Mayor Pro Tem Terry Newsom that Commissioner Sylvia Alston refused to apologize to Marlene Melvin. So, as I informed both Terry Newsome, and Wanda Clark, Town Clerk that I would come out of retirement as a volunteer Advocate for the People, and Start publishing a Newsletter that would share the Good, Bad, and the Ugly, based on honesty and facts.
What I find ironically is that Commissioner Sylvia Alston thinks that intimidating, and Harassment of Marlene Melvin that is deaf is appropriated, when she read the riot act to former Mayor Betty Willis at a Town Meeting in her absence.  And Sylvia Alston was quoted as saying: Sylvia Alston spoke from a prepared statement for more than five minutes " Alston questioned Willis’ treatment of town staff. “It is with disdain and shock how the valuable employees of this town are spoken to,” Alston said. 

It seems Commissioner Sylvia Alston feels no disdain or shock for her to harass her next-door neighbor for the last 5 Years, of which 2 Years she did as Commissioner for the Town of Littleton.

photo Posted: Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 12:00 pm

I spoke at the Monthly Board Meeting held January 04, 2016, 
regarding Commissioner Sylvia Alston continued harassment of Marlene Melvin for several Years insisting that Marlene Melvin should park her Vehicle between her two properties, instead of on the left sided of her property (212 Mosby Ave) so Commissioner Sylvia Alston can have more room for her family parking, including her housekeeper. However, The Property between Sylvia Alston's house and Marlene Melvin's house is owned by the Town of Littleton, that for years has given permission for both Sylvia Alston, and Marlene Melvin to share the town property equally for parking, not for developing and landscaping. Marlene Melvin has never complained about Sylvia Alston developing, landscaping, and parking, on her side of the Town of Littleton Property that she was permitted to park on the half closest to her house.

On the Agenda
9. Citizens Comments/Concerns limited to 5 minutes –
a. Charles Harvey – Concerns for citizen Marlene Melvin
- 212 Mosby Avenue, Littleton, NC

Commissioner Sylvia Alston demanded  that Marlene Melvin parks her vehicles between her two houses.

Commissioner Sylvia Alston placed gravel and development Landscaping on the Town of Littleton's Property on Marlene Melvin's side that the town told Marlene she could use the half closest to her house for parking

This is from a  Google satellite map taken several years before that show George Alston's pickup parked in front of Marlene Melvin's vehicle on her half of the town property she was allowed to park on

Areal view of Sylvia Alston's and Marlene Melvin's property

Excellent development by the Alston's on Town of Littleton property 

Does anyone that knows the Alston's believe they did not know where their property lines are?

 Commissioner Sylvia Alston's is the reason that I'm  back as a people Advocate for people in Halifax County, and have started this Publication: "Town of Littleton - For the People.  I filed a complaint about  Commissioner Sylvia Alston's ongoing harassment of Marlene Melvin's her neighbor in regards to her parking her vehicles on the other side of her house so Commissioner Sylvia Alston's has more room for parking.
I told the Town Clerk, that if Commissioner Sylvia Alston did not apologize to Marlene Melvin that is deaf, that I would go public with any dirt that is hide behind the tree, for no one to see. The lack of transparency was common in the past, and there is evidence of positive changes coming to The Town of Littleton. However, I know for a fact,  that more cleaning on the Board of Commissioner's needs at the next election to replace, first and foremost Commissioner Heidi Hogan that has abused her powers as a Commissioner, made the decision to the Board without their knowledge. Has slandered business  leaders in the Town of Littleton.   Commissioner Heidi Hogan has made statements that be appropriate or not true; but always denies it when confronted, with a common response: "I have no idea what you are talking about." As to Sylvia Alston not being reelected if she decides to run? Just ask the people outside her circle of friends. Both Commissioner Heidi Hogan, and  Commissioner Sylvia Alston, will find comfort in their immediate circle of friends, and not believe any of what I say as beings true, and I will be called a troublemaker, a reputation I have worked hard to maintain as an advocate for the people. 

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