Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 2016 Issue #6

Will Rogers. "I joked about every prominent man of my time, but I never met a man I didn't like." William Penn Adair Rogers (4 November 1879 – 15 August 1935) was an American humorist and entertainer; known primarily as Will Rogers.

And, I believe that if Will Rogers met BF Morris today that he would be one of his best friends. I believe that if God looked down on the Morris family in this troubled World He would tell BF and his wife that he is very pleased. I met BF's at Rodwell's Carquest Auto Parts located at 218 W North Main Street, Littleton North Carolina. A place that I found great comfort in with all the local farmers and workers that come to get supplies and stay and talk a bit. The people were real down to Earth people that would do anything to help others if needed.

BF Morris would come into Carquest often for supplies since he owned a huge farm off of Wright Road. in Fact, Most of the B.F. Morris life started on that road. The house his Parents lived in and gave birth to him is still standing. B.F. Morris and his wonderful wife have a nice home on Wright Road. One morning BF came in with the oldest son Michael Morris. I Asked if I could come out to their farm some time to take pictures and-and do an article. I had picked The BF Morris Family because they are well respected and have a long family heritage in Littleton. The said I could follow them back to the farm. I never was on a tobacco or cotton farm before. I had lived and worked on a farm that grew hay and alfa. We grew our own vegetables, milked the cows for milk, raised chickens, and raised pigs that we processed. BF has four boys and I told him he was blessed to have boys to help with all the work on the farm that they grow tobacco, cotton, and corn. I joked with BF that he could have had one daughter to help out mom around the house. Later I learned that it did tug on his heart because he wanted to have a girl for Mrs. Morris to help her with all the chores. The are a wonderful family and anyone would be blessed to have them as a neighbor. Mr. BF and his boys are polite and considerate of others. I believe if families raised their children as Mr. BF and his wife Mrs. Morris, American would not lead the World in housing the most criminals. We would not have an estimated 1,165,383 violent crimes (murder and non-negligent homicides, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults in 2014, and Murder and violent crime rates have risen in multiple US cities since the beginning of 2015, after falling for two decades. We would not lead the World in Divorces at 50% of all marriages. And, the Morris family raised their boys to honor marriage and accept responsibility. Right now the largest abuses and neglect of children in America is the Single White female Head-of-the Household. I ask the reader to forgive me for including additional informational data not necessarily essential to the article. However, As a researcher, I enjoy sharing information that most people are not aware of. So, consider it a bonus.

Town Board of Commissioners holds their regular meeting on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm
Board work session meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am
All town meetings will be held at the new Town Hall building at 112 E. South Main Street. Please park behind the building and enter through the back door facing North Main Street.

I believe that the recent transparency by the Board of Commissioners showing more Information on how they are spending the Town of Littleton Citizen's monies  for the first time was spearheaded by our new Mayor John R. Girdley, in my opinion, without any source confirming that Mayor Girdley was responsible for the opening of the books to the public. My Navy hat is off to those responsible for this historical action. for Years I have heard the Town officials tell me and others that all we have to ask and they will provide copies of the requested information. The Public should not have to request public information when the Town of Littleton has an official Website to share the information that should be available to all.
This is a worthy start toward total transparency, however, the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners need to go further by showing line items for expenditures and revenues. As an example below that is the 2016-2017  proposed budget that is four pages compared to previous Annual Budgets that have been one page in length. I would suggest that the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners breakdown expenditures further for each department showing such as the Police Departments 10-510-02 Salaries, showing who and the amount going to each person. Also,  a breakdown of each expenditure within each department.  This should be done for all Departments. This is complete transparency at its best. No, longer can people say the Leader's of their community are shrouded in secrecy that had hovered over the Town of Littleton for decades. same with the Library, and all departments.  Full public disclosures should be made on all contracts with the Town of Littleton. Who, How much, Material cost,  Labor cost, etc.

10-510-00 POLICE
10-510-02 SALARIES 132,000.00
10-510-03 SALARIES PARTTIME 12,000.00
10-510-05 SOCIAL SECURITY 10,400.00
10-510-07 RETIREMENT 8,000.00
10-510-11 TELEPHONES 2,300.00
10-510-13 UTILITIES 2,500.00
10-510-14 TRAVEL & TRAINING 750.00
10-510-17 MAINT. & REPAIR, VEHIC 9,000.00
10-510-26 ADVERTISING 150.00
10-510-31 SUPPLIES 1,500.00
10-510-35 ANIMAL CONTROL 1,000.00
10-510-36 UNIFORMS 1500.00
10-510-45 CAR PURCHASE PLAN 5,000.00                              

10-510-50 MEDICAL 250.00
10-510-53 LIABILITY INSURANCE 3,500.00
10-510-57 SOFTWARE SUPPORT 3,500.00
10-510-80 RETIREMENT 401K PLAN 5 6,600.00
Department Totals 219,450.00
10-630-00 LIBRARY
10-630-03 SALARIES PART TIME 1,100.00
10-630-05 SOCIAL SECURITY 100.00
10-630-11 TELEPHONES 800.00
10-630-13 UTILITIES 4,200.00
10-630-15 REPAIR & MAINTAINENCE 500.00
10-630-54 INSURANCE LIBRARY 3,000.00
10-630-57 MISCELLANEOUS/RUG 300.00
Department Totals 10,000.00
10-640-00 CEMETERY
SURVEY 1000.00
10-640-45 CONTRACT SERVICES 10,000.00
Department Totals 11,000.00
Total Expenses for Fund 604,875.00

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