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Issue III - January 2016 Commissioner Sylvia Alston Inappropriate Behaviors

 January 2016 Issue III
By Jenny Gray | Jan 6, 2016

LITTLETON — Ron Girdley and his wife Deborah moved to Littleton about two years ago search of a home and simpler lifestyle.But he jumped in right away, contributing to community efforts including the Littleton Lions Club, American Legion, and Lakeland Theatre Company. On Monday evening, he jumped in a little bit more and became mayor of this town of about 660 resident.

Rebeccah Barriger
Littleton’s Mayor Ron Girdley and Police Chief Winifred Bowens are working together on a program to help keep the town’s crime rate low.
Posted: Sunday, January 31, 2016, 12:00 pm
By Rebeccah Barriger Contributing Writer
Data on small towns in North Carolina can be misleading, according to Littleton Police Commissioner Gerleen Pichford.
Pitchford said lately she’s faced people who claim the town’s crime rate is much higher than it actually is and she wants to set the record straight. Pitchford, who gives a police report each month at town meetings, said the 2015 statistics will be available soon but last year the actual township only had seven break-ins and five larcenies.
Pitchford explained generally, statistics found on the internet or from the Halifax County Sheriff’s office include the entire 27850 zip code area. She said statistics covering a five-mile circumference around the town will be much different from statistics for the town itself.
According to, a website where members can look up the statistics for any city in the United states and compare it with the state and national averages, 27850’s total crime rate is 67 percent higher than that of North Carolina’s and that their violent crime rate is 40% higher than North Carolina’s.
“I get a lot of comments that the information I put out is wrong and that the crime rate is higher than what it is,” Pitchford said. “The town of Littleton does not have a high crime rate, the entire 27850 does.”
Littleton Police Chief Winifred Bowens backed up the commissioner’s thoughts. She said the 27850 zip code includes the area up to the Virginia border, down to Brinkleyville towards the south, Vaughan to the west and as far east as Aurelian Springs up to parts of I-95.
She said most of the crime in 27850 has happened outside of city limits and though residents living in those areas have “Littleton” as their address, anyone over a mile away from the Littleton town limits is not monitored by the Littleton Police Department. They are monitored by the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department.
Since taking her position in 2014, Bowen’s explained that the town has worked closely with the Halifax County Sheriffs Department and other county departments to give the best possible service to the public.
“If we happen to be closer to the situation than Halifax, they will call us and we will respond,” Bowens said,
Bowens mentioned her department also recently adopted the Roanoke Rapids Police Department’s Citizens On Patrol program, which trains community volunteers I to be another set of eyes and ears for the police department and to help patrol the town.
Bowens said since the Littleton Police Department only has two full-time police officers she feels the COP program will help out tremendously in aiding the prevention of crime.
She said that she felt one of the reasons the town of Littleton had such a lower crime rate is because of the police presence and having those extra eyes and ears.
Bowens affirmed that since the establishment of the COP program in the fall of 2015 the town of Littleton has seen a decline in crime.

“The [COPs program has] helped in decreasing in crime rate,” Bowens said.
Bowen’s said that the Town of Littleton would not have been able to establish COP if it had not been for Roanoke Rapids COP stepping up to help train the group of individuals
According to Bowen’s the program currently has seven members with the captain being Littleton’s Mayor, Ron Girdley
Girly said that the group has been mostly involved in helping with traffic control and they were involved with assisting the Littleton Police Department’s Christmas and Martin Luther King Parades.
According to Girly, as soon as the members receive their identifications, residents can expect to see the volunteers patrolling the neighborhoods in the Police Departments patrol cars.
“We are an all volunteer group and our job is to observe,” Girdley said.
GirdleyIt’s our opportunity to step up and help,” Girdley said.
According to Girdley, it’s not too late for members of the community to join. Girdley and Bowen’s said that they train a group of four to six at a time and volunteers can fill out an application and must pass a background check in order to qualify.
For more information call the Littleton Police Department at 252-586-3413.
Littleton was named after William Little, a state senator at the time of the founding. In 1882, Littleton College for women was founded with an initial enrollment of eleven students. The college became relatively successful with a peak enrollment of 285 in 1908. On January 22, 1919, the college was destroyed by fire, and without an endowment, it was never rebuilt.[7]
Person's Ordinary and St. Alban's Episcopal Church are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[8][9]
Originally Littleton was divided between the counties of Warren and Halifax, but on July 1, 1974, an election was made to make Littleton only to be a part of Halifax County
Little Manor and the Dr. Charles and Susan Skinner House and Outbuildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[8]
Famous residents[edit]
Willis Alston, born near Littleton, United States Congressman from North Carolina[10]
Ella Baker, Civil Rights leader, SNCC founder, grew up at her grandmother's house in Littleton.,_North_Carolina

 Size: 1 Square Mile  640 acres
The Town of Littleton has a total of 299 residential dwellings within the Town of Littleton for the 2016 tax year. This is a total count of dwellings & does not distinguish between the condition of the dwellings. For example, of those 299 some may be in “unsound” condition and are not necessarily habitable. Halifax County Tax does not have any data at all as to the number of dwellings that are actually occupied.Size: 1 Square Mile  640 acres

Area (square miles) 198.38 Total Population 7,247 Total Housing Units 5,411 Total Households 3,324 Median Age 52.

Halifax County Map  Data

Nine of the 10 poorest cities were in the South, including three in North Carolina, 
two in Texas and others in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.Lumberton, N.C. 
in Robeson County was named the poorest in the U.S. with a median income of $28,293
and a population of 135,517.

Roanoke Rapids, N.C. in Halifax County was number three with a median income 
of $29,930 and a population of 76,066. Forest City, N.C. took eighth place

North Carolina’s Northeast Counties Are Among the Poorest in the Nation. Can They Reverse Course?
                                       BY BETTY JOYCE NASH

Household Poverty And Nonfatal Violent Victimization, 2008–2012
Marcus Berzofsky, Dr.P.H., RTI International, Lance Couzens, RTI International, Erika Harrell, Ph.D., BJS Statistician, Lynn Langton, Ph.D., BJS Statistician, Hope Smiley-McDonald, Ph.D., RTI International
November 18, 2014, NCJ 248384
Presents findings from 2008 to 2012 on the relationship between households that were above or below the federal poverty level and nonfatal violent victimization, including rape or sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault. This report examines the violent victimization experiences of persons living in households at various levels of poverty, focusing on the type of violence, victim's race or Hispanic origin, and location of residence. It also examines the percentage of violent victimization's reported to the police by poverty level. Data are from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), which collects information on nonfatal crimes, reported and not reported to the police, against persons age 12 or older from a nationally representative sample of U.S. households. During 2012, about 92,390 households and 162,940 persons were interviewed for the NCVS.

Posted: Wednesday, December 7, 2005, 12:00 am  
"At the beginning of the meeting in an unprecedented action Mayor Hawfield, swore himself in. He was reelected in November as Littleton's mayor. Town Clerk Sheila Taylor then swore in the town commissioners who will serve new terms. Billy Matthews manager of the Piggly Wiggly was elected, as has Noland Parham who unseated Commissioner Betty Willis in a write-in campaign.
The two join commissioners, Terry Newsome, Alfred Cooke and Marilyn Hale to make up the full board.
Halifax County NAACP President Dave Harvey commented after the swearing in ceremony that it was the first time he had ever seen an elected official swear himself in referring to Mayor Hawfield's actions and suggested that maybe the town clerk could have done it the same as she had for the two commissioners."
Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine

Over a century before Dom Perignon became famous in the Champagne Region of France, the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire crafted the first “Sparkling Wine”. Later, the efforts of Dom Perignon were significant to the quality and production of what we now know as “Champagne”. Champagne is nothing more than a sparkling wine coming from the Champagne Region of France, adhering to the laws that govern that region. In effect, all Champagnes are Sparkling wines, but not all Sparkling wines are Champagne. Since Champagne can only come from this small region in France, and demand is high around the world, the price goes up to meet that demand.

This isn’t good news for budget-minded consumers. Fortunately, there are alternatives, and most of these alternatives employ the same method of production as Champagne. For example, as mentioned before, the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire in southern France is still making the same Sparkling Wine as they did before Dom Perignon became famous. The good news is that retails for around $15.00 per bottle.

There are more sparkling wines from different parts of France that are also easy on the wallet. The Charles De Fere, Cuvee Jean-Louis, Blanc de Blanc Brut is another good example, The name itself is already a mouthful, but what’s inside the bottle is what will amaze you. Jean-Louis is a 6th generation winemaker from Champagne. His desire was to make a more affordable sparkling wine, so he moved out of the Champagne region and sourced grapes from all over France. There result is an amazing sparkling wine that retails around $12.00.

More alternatives are also available around the world. Many of the major producers in France have set up operations or partnerships around the world. California offers many of these at attractive prices. Beyond that, Spain produces what they call Cava. Italy makes Prosecco in a slightly sweeter style. Even places like South Africa and Tasmania are producing sparkling wines. 

One of my favorites is made by up-and-coming winemaker, Charles Smith. He just wanted to make a fun bottle of wine without too much pretension. His “Secco Italian Bubbles” retail in the $15.00 range and has the same, festive, “pop-corking” effects as any mentioned above.

So, there is no need to mortgage the house on a bottle of Champagne. Champagne still is the real thing, and I don’t want to leave the impression that it is over- priced. But with the knowledge of how to navigate the world of sparkling wine, you should be able to enjoy a bottle or two or even three with friends and family.  


Agenda items 01.19.16
Work Session

UCPCOG – Survey for services  see attached
Bank Signature Resolutions – Determine new check signers – Resolution for 02/01/2016 Board
Community Service Workers – Lutherans, Baptists, and Ha Co Parolees
Cemetery Ordinance update
Elle Baker Update
Mason Roof – Heidi met with contractor
Grant Signatures – Update with new Mayor- Resolution for 02/01/2016 Board Meeting
Mayor as Cemetery Super -
Website Update - Leslie
Engineer of Record
T Newsom tribute
Audit Review
Mayor Reception
Harvey Response
Police Station renovation
National Night Out
Hog Ordinance § 95.20 (Ord. O-86-003)
Visioning Exercise date?
Interesting and Unusual
Mayor Cemetery Supervisor– Prior to the meeting the Clerk consulted with Town Attorney Gardner to determine if Mayor Girdley could remain as Cemetery Superintendent. Mr. Gardner advised the Board should approve a limited amount contract with Mayor Girdley at February 01, 2016 Board Meeting. Commissioner Alston requested the Town Clerk pay Mayor Girdley the amount currently due ($200.00) prior to approving a contract.
Talk about a person individual achievement in a very short time, that would be Mayor Girdley. Commissioner Sylvia Alston recommended hiring Mr. Girdley as the Cemetery Superintendent, Now called Cemetery Supervisor, that sounds better that Superintendent. Then, Commissioner Sylvia Alston made the motion to select Mr. Girdley as the new Mayor of the Town of Littleton.
What an amazing coincidence that the Mayor Girdley and the Board of Commissioners did not rule against Commissioner Sylvia Alston that Developed on the Town of Littleton's Property that divides Marlene Melvins property and Commissioner Sylvia Alston's property. Commissioner Sylvia Alston developed on the Town Property closest to Marlene Melvin.
Several times Commissioner Sylvia Alston harassed and intimidated Marlene Melvin telling her to park her car on the other side of her house because it was interfering with her family parking. The Board, in essence, are condoning Commissioner Sylvia Alston horrible behavior toward a citizen in the Town of Littleton that is deaf. (Publishers Note: As a former Licensed Certified Clinical Therapist, I worked in the Mental Health responsible for Diagnosis of people using the DSM-III, and the DSM-IV as a guide to identify the psychological issues that need to be addressed: i can say with professional certainty that Verbal abuse and most other types of abuse are caused by an underlying disorder. Most often, the disorders are borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, or sociopathy - technically called antisocial personality disorder. Understanding what is going on in a verbally abusive situation requires understanding these disorders.)
Also, The Mayor and Board of Commissioners voiced no public concerns to Commissioner Sylvia Alston's developing on the Town of Littleton property. They must have used the Town Attorney to come up with "Unmaintained" Property" insert before Town property to make it less serious. Now if a person was to develop on town property that is maintained, well that could be a problem. It would be like if the Main Street Produce was to grow vegetables behind the Library or Town Hall that would be a horse of another color.
It is horrible how  The Town of Littleton officials have treated Marlene Melvin, and her late husband Jame Melvin that was both blind and deaf that was put in jail for 30 days and given a $500.00 dollar fine for Barking dogs. That action was initiated by Buzzy Parker that served  on the Planning Board for the Town of Littleton. Here is another Coincidence, It took Marlene Melvin almost Three Years to get a permit to build a fence in a  town that has a radius of 1'Square Mile.  
The saddest part is that that the leaders of our community  just do not get it? it's like they live in their own little World. It's like they have "The Emporer has no clothes. syndrome? 
To: Wanda J. Clark Town Clerk / Finance Officer
Town of Littleton 112 E. South Main Street Littleton, NC 27850

From: Charles Harvey - Authorized Representative for Marlene Melvin

RE: Harassment of Marlene Melvin, a person with a profound deafness disability, by Commissioner Sylvia Alston

THE COMPLAINT: That Marlene Melvin, that reside at 212 Mosby Ave Town of Littleton, NC 27850 AS is that Commissioner Sylvia Alston has knowingly harassed and intimidated Marlene Melvin, a person with the severe disability of deafness for Years before she was elected as Commissioner of the Town of Littleton's Board.Commissioner Sylvia Alston has continued throughout her tenure as a Commissioner representing the Town of Littleton. The latest occurred Friday, October, 9th 2015.
MARLENE MELVIN Text to Charles Harvey (Friday 10/9/2015
"Did you notice that my other car SSR was moved because Sylvia complained that I was not a nice neighbor. She wanted the SSR to park somewhere else. I asked her where she said on the other driveway. I told her I had a problem with rats and chewed up the electrical system in my car. I told her that there will be one car parked there since you had my HHR and I took the van. Then she said that she and George grandkids come over and they have no place for them to park in the driveway. Then she said that she and George put the gravel in their driveway and it is theirs. I told that I would move SSR back under the tree. I was in a hurry to load up the crates and get ready for transport in few minutes.
Then when I left, I said to myself that the SSR was parked on the grass pretty close to my house and then when I realized that her family and grandkids could park on the street. She was in a foul mood complaining that I did not make the effort to be nice. I was pleasant and moved the car. I have already asked the town clerk abt this about 5 years ago and town clerk told me the 1/2 of the alley is mine and another half is George. George was there in the back driveway and said nothing! She is being mean! "
HARVEY: Question to Marlene Melvin
"Also, I asked why the Town of Littleton attorney took her deaf and blind husband to court so many times in Halifax County NC"
MARLENE MELVIN: Answer to Charles Harvey
"It was postponed many times due unavailabilities of attorney, interpreter, problems with the case, different judges, appearing court on the docket many times when not called. Wrong dates and mistakes. He was charged for a barking dog, Town ordinance.
The town attorney was representing the town and wanted him to be charged for barking dogs. I think it took 5 years of appearing numerous times in court before trial."
Please find the attached Zip file that includes photos, and information that I hope will be helpful in this embarrassing matter. We expect an Apology from the Board, and assurance this will not happen again. In the absence of an apology, or if the harassment continues, I shall treat: Commissioner Sylvia Alston as an elected official that gives citizens the right to make the public aware of any grievous errors made by any elected official. I will stop by and share with you almost a hundred documentation showing the additional harassment for years to Marlene Melvin's Husband, (Now Deceased, that was both Deaf, and Blind). Again, this information can also become public domain. Also, please review the documents of harassment of Marlene Melvin and her now deceased husband James Melvin (Deaf and Blind) starting in 1997 by The Mayor of The Town Of Littleton, Members of Board, and their neighbor.
I appreciated your considerations in this matter and trust your honesty and ability to resolve this matter. I can be reached at Cell Phone (252) 532-4265 if you should have questions
Respectively Yours,
Charles E. Harvey, MSW
_______________________________________________ Date______________
Authorized Representative (Letter of Authorization on file with the Town Clerk)
Marlene Melvin
Commissioner Sylvia Alston also developed on property own by the Town of Littleton that divides herself  and Marlene Melvin Property so she had more property to use for her children to park their cars, and of course, it makes it appear that Commissioner Sylvia Alston owns more property. Commissioner Sylvia Alston also developed on town property next to Marlene Melvin's property. Commissioner Sylvia Alston was upset with Marlene Melvin for parking next to her own house and insisted that she park her car on the other side of her house so Commissioner Sylvia Alston had more room for parking. The irony is that Commissioner Sylvia Alston has been witnessed by several people sleeping more at her property she owns in Lake Gaston, She has been seen to switch her car for her husband pick-up truck? Interesting since the Town of Littleton has an ordinance that requires elected officials live in the Town of Littleton. to see pictures of the properties in question go to:

Letter of Response from The Mayor on behalf of the Board of Commissioner's
Mrs. Marlene Melvin
P.O. Box 1022
Littleton, NC 27850-1022
Re: Property Dispute
Dear Mrs. Melvin:
The Board of Commissioners considers the serious nature of every citizen complaint and all
issues brought before the Town Board are given thoughtful consideration. Your formal
complaint as presented by Mr. Charles Harvey on Monday, January 4, 2016, concerns the non-maintained alley between your property at 212 Mosby Avenue and that of your neighbor Mr. &
Mrs. George Alston, 216 Mosby Avenue.
Based on our evaluation of the information provided the Board maintains it is not in a position to resolve property disputes between neighbors. Any Town Clerk (former or current) does not have the authority to suggest an alley be equally shared between adjacent property owners. With this issue not being Town of Littleton business but rather a property dispute between neighbors, we are closing your complaint.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns on this matter.
Cc: Mr. Charles E. Harvey
Wanda J. Clark Clerk/Finance Officer

The Town of Littleton

Excerpt and comments on the letter from the Mayor:

"Based on our evaluation of the information provided by the board maintains it is not a petition to recall property dispute between neighbors"

(1) It never was about commissioner Silvia Alston property and her neighbor Marlene Melvin.

(a) It was about property owned by a Town of Littleton between commissioner Silvia Alston and 
her neighbor Marlene Melvin.

(b) And by inserting the legal word "non-maintained" or Using the word "alleyway" does not remove the Town Of Littleton ownership of the property.

(c) The Town Of Littleton in the past attempted to buy the property that is owned by Marlene Melvin, and the property directly behind her that is owned by Halifax County Government that has a hold on it.
Then The Mayor concludes with: "with this issue not being Town of Littleton's business but rather a property dispute between neighbors, we are closing your complaint."

1. Not being a Town of Littleton's business? The Town of Littleton owns the property in dispute.
(a) A property dispute between neighbors?

It was never a dispute about commissioner Silvia Alston and her neighbor Marlene Melvin property.
(b) it was about commissioner Silvia Alston developing on town property. 
(c) It also was about a Commissioner for Town Of Littleton verbally abusing her rafting citizen in the town of Littleton.
I will not continue to debate this further with the Mayor and the entire Board up commissioners and the Town Clerk.
To many in Halifax County, and many in Warren County, the Town of Littleton's Board of Commissioner and Mayors, have been a sad joke. And in all honesty, I cannot include Lake Gaston for the Town Of Littleton is the gateway to them, and Littleton has been like a little pet to them that they have helped so many times over the years.
Also, the Elected Officials are convinced they have been doing a terrific job. Many good citizens in the Town of Littleton has given up after decades of disappointments with the elected officials. They do not want to get involved in town politics? A Long time resident in the town that I have a lot of respect for told me hat they just take care of 
themselves and mind their own business. I told them that the majority of Americans share that attitude, and you can see where it has gotten us?

I do not attempt to change any person other than myself. However, as an epic it for over 20 years I can only share the truth as I know it. You the people must decide at the polls. The only difference between politics in Congress and the Town Of Littleton is the size. And a town with around 300 Eligible voters with many related to each other is tough. Remember, people Commissioner Silvia Alston and Commissioner Heidi Hogan socialize and hobnob a lot. They will tell you A half-truth, that they do it for the town?

Remember The library was not for the citizen's in the Town Of Littleton, nor was the Town Hall? They were self-serving. I will cover in greater details about the McPherson building, the WC Jones, library, and the new library.

What Standards of Conduct apply to a Public life as an elected Official?

"They should commit themselves to the following core values: Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Civility, and respect. Hard work, quality, and excellence.
Due care and consideration. Civility and respect.
You should be willing to express the truth even when it is uncomfortable, be willing to withstand undue pressures to influence your vote, and resist a temptation to take advantage of your position.

You should not misuse information available to you through your position for personal gain. You should protect the confidentiality of information that is discussed in executive session but advances the transparency of all other information and actions.
⦁ What level of respect and civility is expected of me in dealing with other governing body members, management and staff, and citizens?
Civility and respect involve an application of the golden rule -treat others as we wish to be treated. Public service demands that we respect the opinion and rights of others even when they conflict with our own. As an elected official, you are likely to be both praised and criticized at times. In dealing with criticism and opposing views, civility puts respect and the common good ahead of our personal rivalries and irritations.
You should apply civility by exercising the following:

⦁ Listen to and respect opposing views. Avoid disapproving looks and expressions such as rolling your eyes, shaking your head in disagreement, grimacing, and similar signs of lack of respect.
⦁ Exercise self-control. If you oppose or disagree, make your arguments on the merits of the case rather than engaging in personal attacks.
⦁ Don't express satisfaction at the misfortune of others.
⦁ Follow parliamentary procedures during the conduct of meetings.
⦁ Demand the same civility from other elected officials, staff, and citizens.
Conflicts of interest arise when others "perceive" you to have a bias based on certain relationships or interests. You should disclose and make transparent all potential relationships that might be considered a conflict including:
1. Business ownership or stock holdings
2. Employment relationships
3. Family relationships
4. Personal relationships
5. Partisan political relationships
While you are not expected to resign positions or void yourself of all conflict of interest relationships, you are expected to:
1. Disclose all potential conflicts of interest
2. Abstain from discussing, debating, and voting on issues where a perceived or actual conflict exists
3. Understand state and local laws on conflicts of interest
4. Refrain from publicly and privately putting pressure on others involved
5. Consult legal counsel when unsure of potential conflicts of interest
Conflicts of interest arise when others "perceive" you to have a bias based on certain relationships or interests. You should disclose and make transparent all potential relationships that might be considered a conflict including:
1. Business ownership or stock holdings
2. Employment relationships
3. Family relationships
4. Personal relationships
5. Partisan political relationships
While you are not expected to resign positions or void yourself of all conflict of interest relationships, you are expected to:
1. Disclose all potential conflicts of interest
2. Abstain from discussing, debating, and voting on issues where a perceived or actual conflict exists
3. Understand state and local laws on conflicts of interest
4. Refrain from publicly and privately putting pressure on others involved
5. Consult legal counsel when unsure of potential conflicts of interest

Commissioner Sylvia Alston and Commissioner Heidi Hogan, Core Values in Question?

As to Commissioner Sylvia Alston (Far Left Above) and  Commissioner Heidi Hogan, (Far Right Above) committing themselves to the following core values: Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Civility, and respect. Hard work, quality, and excellence. Due care and consideration. Civility and respect." Both fail in these core values. However, Commissioner Heidi Hogan is the worse of the two evils according to over Four dozen people that live in area code 27850, including myself at the top of the list. I was a witness to many of Commissioner Heidi Hogan offenses, including interviews with many people and research.
⦁ Commissioner Heidi Hogan has kept important information from the Board that should have been present to the Board and the Publics.
⦁ Commissioner Heidi Hogan made decisions on behalf of the Town of Littleton for the Board without their knowledge.
⦁ Commissioner Heidi Hogan has used political pressure to a merchant to change a decision they made for regarding their own business because she did not approve of it. Commissioner Heidi Hogan wanted to implement her own project with the merchant.
⦁ Commissioner Heidi Hogan has lied about Merchants in the Town of Littleton
⦁ Commissioner Heidi Hogan did slander, spread false rumors for her own self-serving purposes.
⦁ Commissioner Heidi Hogan defamation by an oral utterance.
Please expecfull denial by these  politicians, and shock wave among their inner circle of friends, that include the Organization's they are members of; and the Gastonians. 
I"m committed to serving and doing for others. I have the courage to stand up for my beliefs and convictions. My cross to bear is to bring truth where there is lying, to bring the light where there is darkness. I stand before God that knows my heart, and I pray forgiveness of my sins every day. I pray for guidance on my journey to enlightenment.
I will avoid being politically correct, as I feel as a former License Certified Clinical Therapist, that it’s a facade for hiding the truth. My reporting will be similar to our four Seasons: there will be bright and sunny news like Summer, some will be cold like Winter, others will be like Fall that show changes that are not all bad, and finally news that will be like Spring that show thing growing, and beautiful.
Some Politicians have done immoral, unethical, and have violated North Carolina State laws in regarding, governing bodies. Several politicians over the Years have made decisions to please themselves and their circle of friends. Not all the people that live in the Town Littleton can shop in Lake Gaston, that state the Town of Littleton is said to be the gateway to them. Like a gate, many people have passed through, and few have stopped in the Town of Littleton. Politician’s in the Town of Littleton have swept many things behind a tree, hoping that no one will see, but leave it to me, all we see.
             Picture post on Facebook February 12, 2016, by Stephen Acai‎ to Littleton North Carolina

From collection-The second Littleton railroad passenger station and freight room. This structure was one North Main Street. Today the footprint of the building is partially located across the street from Littleton Hardware and extends westward to where the scale model of Person's Ordinary is located. The building was built so close to North Main that the roof overhand extended out over the street. In the days of stupid segregation which in my opinion was never right to begin with, the waiting and restrooms for African Americans were one the left in this photograph and whites used the area on the right along with the freight room. Tickets were purchased in the center of the building at the two windows or inside. The train schedule was written on a chalkboard attached to the building. The date and the photographer are unknown. I believe the man in the photo is a person who handled baggage and freight for the railroad whom all called Ralph. I remember seeing him handle the two carts in the photo. A portion of the top of Alston Grocery Company can be seen in the upper right-hand area. There was a separate wooden freight depot diagonally across the tracks from this brick building that was constructed in 1837 when eighty-five Raleigh-Gaston RR between Gaston and Raleigh was constructed. Littleton was the first of eighteen stops on the line. The railroad reached Littleton in May 1838. My Great Uncle WT Skinner worked for the railroad as a freight agent/ticket agent for nearly five decades. He also operated the depot in Vaughan, NC. Once the town leader's took possession of the structure it was decided to tear the building down. It was a gem of a building.

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